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Backgammon Online

Backgammon Online is a classic board game. Your goal is to move all your chess troops toward your master table and eventually bring them down. You'll win if you drop all your shields in front of your opponent.


Controls Guide

In Backgammon Online, you will have 15 of your colored chess troops to move on a 24-point triangular chess table. 

  • Start the game

Each player throws a basket to determine who goes first. The player with a higher score will go ahead and use both points from the two baskets to move his chess troops. Then, the two players alternately throw two baskets and move the chess troops according to the number of points they can roll.

  • Chess movement

You can move your chess army clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on your position on the chess table. You can move your flags to a blank point or a point where one or more flags are of the same color as you. You can't move your squad to a point where there are two or more squads of different colors than you. You have to use all the points in the two baskets if you can. If you can only use a certain number of points, you must choose a higher number. If you can't use any of the points, you lose the turn.

  • Chess Eating

If you move your chess to a point where chess is of a different color than you, you will eat that chess and place it on the middle bar of the chess table. The eaten squad will have to re-enter the chessboard from the opponent's master table before moving to the other squads. To return to the chess table, the player must throw the basket and move the eaten chess to an empty point or have the same color chess on the opponent's host table.

  • Decimate Chess

Once you have moved all your chess troops to your master table, you can begin to drop them. You can defeat a squad by throwing a basket and moving that squad out of the squad if the number of rolling points is equal to or greater than the scorer's. If you don't have a squad at a rolling point, you have to move it to the highest possible number of points. You can't bring down the flag if you have it outside your master's table or if it's eaten.

Hopefully, I can see your name in the rankings of Backgammon Online!

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