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Uno Flip!

Uno Flip! is an incredibly exciting reverse version of the traditional Uno card game we're familiar with. With each card you have two sides to play, this game brings a new wind, making it unpredictable and incredibly exciting.

Controls Guide

Each player is given seven cards and the goal is to remove all cards from the hand by matching them to the cards on the table by color or number. The special point is that when someone plays a flip card, the whole card on the hand, pulling and dropping, will be reversed, moving from the "light" side to the "blind" side with different rules and actions.

  • Watch carefully: Always keep an eye on your opponent's cards to predict their next move.
  • Tactics: Sometimes holding cards instead of rushing to play can help you win later matches.
  • When there is a card left, don't forget to shout "UNO! to avoid the penalty of withdrawal.
  • Flip: Use "Flip" correctly to reverse the situation and gain an advantage over your opponent.

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