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Uno Online is an exciting card game for many players. This game originates from the traditional UNO card game but is adapted into an online version, so you can play with friends and relatives over the internet anytime, anywhere. Just like in real life, the goal of the game is to get rid of all the cards in your hand before your opponent. To play cards, you must match the color or number to the top card of the pile. You can also use special cards to change color, reverse, skip, or force your opponent to draw more cards. When there is only one card left, you must quickly say “uno” or press the “1” button to notify your opponent. If you do not speak, you will be fined two more cards. Whoever runs out of cards first will be the winner.

Uno Online Gameplay

Game Modes

Players are given three different game modes at the beginning of the game, including:

  • 2 Players: You compete with only one opponent.
  • 3 Players: You compete with two opponents, playing in turns.
  • 4 Players: You compete with three opponents. This is the toughest challenge.

Rules for playing Uno online

In each online Uno card game, each player will be given 7 cards from the official deck of 108 cards. The server will draw the first card to determine the card's color and number. The first round of play will always be clockwise unless the player picks a reversed card. The rules for playing Uno online are as follows: 

Principle 1: Players must always play cards of the same color or number as the previous player's card. 

Principle 2: If you have black function cards, then you can play in any case.

 In case you don't have any cards to play, you have to get another card from the deck. If you choose a card that fits either of the above rules, you can play it. Just like that, play until there are 2 cards left, then press the "1" button to notify you before playing down 1 card. If you do not notify them, you will have to draw two more cards and lose your turn.

In the Uno deck, there are 108 cards with 4 colors: blue, green, red, and yellow, including the following types of cards: 

Number cards 

Uno Online Quick Strategy Tips

Accounting for 70% of the total number of cards are cards with numbers from 0 to 9 and four different colors: red, green, blue, and yellow. There are 80 cards in total; each number will appear twice in one color, and the number 0 will only appear once. 

Action cards

Action cards in the online Uno deck are cards that have the function of affecting the previous or next player's turn. There are three types of action cards, each with two of each color.

Uno Online Quick Strategy Tips

  • Draw Two: If you play this card, the next player will have to draw two cards and skip the turn.
  • Skip: if you play this card, the next player loses their turn. 
  • Reverse: if you play this card, the player's order will reverse. 

Wild cards 

Wild cards in the online Uno deck are special cards that change the rules and strategy of the game.

Uno Online Quick Strategy Tips

  • Wild: use this card to choose the play color for the next turn.
  • Wild draw 4: use this card to make the next player draw 4 more cards and choose the color for the next turn.


Don't forget to use the special cards

Special cards, such as cards that force opponents to take more cards, cards that reverse the direction of play, etc. Save these special cards for the end of the game.

Don't forget to press the Uno button

When you have two cards left, don't rush to place one of your cards. Now choose the UNO button; you will not have to receive two more cards.


  • Attractive gameplay: 2 to 10 players can play, and each player's goal is to win by playing all the cards in their hand before anyone else in the game is left.
  • No age limit: Uno Online is a cross-platform game that is completely free. You can play it on your PC, smartphone or tablet. Anyone can participate in playing this game, regardless of age or level.
  • Anti-cheat: The game is regularly updated with new features and bug fixes to ensure the game always performs well and provides a great experience for players.
  • Flexible time: You can play anytime, anywhere; you can relax and entertain whenever you want.
  • User-friendly graphics: beautiful interface, very friendly and easy to use. Players can easily search for and participate in matches with other players.


 Uno Online is a team game for 2–10 people. You can play with family, friends, and players around the world.

  •  Can I play Uno by myself? 

You can play Uno Online against the computer or other players around the world.

  •  How do you say UNO in UNO online?

You must touch "UNO" (which means "1") to show that you have one card left when you play your next card. You will be fined two cards if you do not press this button in time before the next person's turn. 


Uno Online is a simple but extremely interesting game suitable for all ages. Uno not only entertains but also helps train logical thinking, concentration and quick reflexes. Furthermore, the flexible and free features of Uno Online are also a great advantage for players who want to participate in this game. If you are a card game lover and looking for an interesting game, Uno Online is a great choice for you.


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