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UNO 3 is a special upgraded version of the traditional UNO game! It's called UNO 3 because here you'll go through a total of three games with three players to the end!

Controls Guide

  • In the game, only three players face each other.
  • You'll go through a total of three rounds.
  • After you finish the three rounds, the system will add the total number of points you get.  If your total score is higher than the other two, you're the winner of UNO 3!
  • In this game, when you only have one card left, you have to press the "UNO" button.  If you don't do this, you'll have to drop two cards from the drawing stack. 
  • Especially if you do not want to play the picked cards with the draw button, you can press the “Pass” button to end your turn without playing any cards.

These points make UNO not just an entertainment game but a game that requires sophistication and tactics. Have fun with UNO 3!

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