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Monopoly Online

Monopoly Online is inspired by the layout of the world-famous chess board. You will become a real estate investor; on your miniature land map, you will buy, sell, build, and collect taxes. This game's goal is to become the richest while pushing your opponent into bankruptcy. You can play online games with machines or other opponents, or you can create your own room with your friends.

Controls Guide

  •  Start by choosing the multiplayer mode you want.
  •  Before entering the board, each player will have a color and a character to represent himself.
  • At first, you will have a certain amount of money that you can use to buy and sell land. Each player returns the basket by shaking it to move forward on the map.  Players can buy land when they arrive at a non-owned location.
  •  If a player acquires a plot of land that they already own, they must pay rent. There will be special boxes when playing: Opportunity, Community Chest, and Prison, when you will need to perform related activities.
  • Building houses and hotels can greatly increase your land's value.  You can also negotiate a land exchange.  If you are the last player with money, you will become the winner!

Build your Monopoly empire and become rich!


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