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Uno Green

Welcome to Uno Green, an improved version with an entirely new interface of the traditional Uno card game that has been popular for decades. Uno Green brings the joy and competitiveness of the original and raises awareness about protecting our planet with a very generous green interface. 

Controls Guide

The rules of the game will remain the same as the traditional Uno, so there will be no difficulty for the player!  

  • Uno Green is a new look at the traditional Uno experience. In this version, all the cards are blue instead of more colored, as in the traditional version.  
  • However, it also becomes a more difficult improvement with the traditional Uno because all the cards will be green, easily confusing the player. That's why players need to be very focused and careful with each card!

If you're a fan of green and card games, then Uno Green is definitely for you! Good luck!

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