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Super Mario Uno

Super Mario Uno is a special version of the traditional Uno card game that is already very familiar. It's a combination of Uno and Nintendo's famous video game Super Mario. This game combines familiar elements of Uno with images and characters from the world of Super Mario.

Controls Guide

  • The cards have pictures of the hands of the Super characters.
  • The card set includes two new types of cards: Invincible Mario and White Mario.
  • Invincible Mario Card: If played after a Draw 2 or Wild Draw 4, this card forces the player who has used that card to draw two or four cards in a row.
  • The player who uses the Invincible Mario card must declare the new color to match and pass the game.
  • White Mario Card: This card has custom effects that are decided by the player before the game begins and are written on the card. When this card is played, that effect occurs and the player also chooses the next color to match.
  • You need to remove all your cards and be the first to accumulate 500 points (or any number of points to which all players agree).
  • In Super Mario Uno, you can play with 2–10 players.
  • The special feature of Super Mario Uno is that whoever draws the highest number of cards becomes the dealer.

Have hours of fun with Super Mario Uno!

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