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Battleship War

Get ready, Commander! Battleship War is a dramatic tactical game inspired by Codethislab's board game of the same name. 
Here, you will be immersed in the world of powerful ships. The Battleship War takes you into the heart of a tense battle, where each decision can determine the fate of the entire fleet you lead.

Controls Guide

  • You need to calculate and arrange your fleet so your opponents can't find your ship and defeat them.
  • More importantly, you need to assess the position of enemy ships and destroy them to win. 

Highlights of the Naval War:

  • Classic mode: You have to guess the position of enemy ships and destroy them.
  • Advanced Mode: You can collect points and buy two special power-ups. In addition, you can also challenge your friends in online multiplayer mode.

Have some dramatic moments with the Battleship War!

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