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Black Jack Puzzle

The Black Jack Puzzle is an interesting variant of the traditional Black Jack game. It's a perfect blend of card games and puzzle games, released in 2024. 

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Here, your mission is to build a string of cards so that the total value reaches 21 points. You will become the winner.  Black Jack Puzzle is not only a lucky game, it also requires your strategic thinking and logic!

Highlights of the Black Jack Puzzle:

  • Variety of genre: This game is not just a regular card game; it requires you to think about how each card fits your overall strategy.
  • Comfortable player: Whether you're at home or on the move, this game is always ready for you to experience.
  • Increase difficulty: When you successfully complete string 21, the level of challenge will increase!

Play the Black Jack Puzzle right away and experience fun and dramatic moments!


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