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Black Widow Solitaire

Black Widow Solitaire is an engaging variant of the card game Solitaire, which stands out for its unique play and impressive interface design. This game is inspired by the image of the black spider. Black Widow, a symbol of intelligence and mystery, to create a challenging and stimulating playing space.

Controls Guide

  • You will have to sort your cards in order from K to A, and you will need to sort 10 columns at once. 
  • The special feature of Black Widow Solitaire is an improvement in the rules of play that has changed a lot, creating a new experience for the player.
  • The game's graphics are carefully designed, with black spider images and spider networks in the background, providing a mysterious and captivating playing space.
  • The game offers many different levels, each with increasing difficulty levels, challenging players to use their own strategy and problem-solving skills.

Have fun with Black Widow Solitaire!

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