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Cassino Card Game

Cassino Card Game is an English card game for two to four players using a standard set of 52 cards in French style. This is the only card game that has spread in the English-speaking world and is often thought to have originated in Italy, although there is no specific evidence. This game is still played in Madeira, probably due to British influence.

Controls Guide

  • The Cassino Card Game is a tactical game where players try to match cards in their hands with public cards on the playing area.
  • If they can't make these matches, they can build combinations, adding the cards together to match them with another card in their hand.
  • The game begins with two cards being dealt to each player who is not the dealer, and then two cards into the public playing area.
  • During the game, players will in turn try to match the cards in their hands with the community cards facing up in the playing area.

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