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Checkers is inspired by the famous ancient Egyptian Alquerque chess game! A black-and-white chess game with flat and round chess armies requires you to really think! 

Controls Guide

  • Each player has 12 chess bands placed on the black boxes of the 8x8 chess table, and the goal is to "eat" the opponent's chess or make them out of water.
  • The game is very simple, you just move your chess troops across the line and forward. 
  • When one of your chess armies approaches the enemy and behind it is an empty cell, you can jump over that enemy army and remove it from the chess table. 
  • If you bring a chess army to the last row of the opponent, that chess will become the "King", capable of moving both forward and backward.

Tip and Trick:

  • Hold back rows: Do not rush to move the chess troops in your last row, as they can prevent your opponent from creating a "King".
  • Central Control: Try to capture and control the chess center, where you can easily attack and defend.
  • Double Jump: Always look for a chance to jump over two of your opponents' squads at the same time, giving you a number of advantages.
  • Sacrifice: Sometimes, you can sacrifice a chess army to lure an opponent into a trap, from which you can "eat" more of their chess.

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