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Classic Mancala

Classic Mancala is a unique combination of board games and strategy games. Since its release in March 2024, it has gained significant popularity. The Mancala Classic is where players need to use their computational and predictive abilities to dominate the chess table. 

Controls Guide

The Mancala chess table consists of two rows, each with six small holes and a large hole at both ends called a "hole". The goal of the game is to collect more grains than your opponents in your warehouse.

  • To start the game, each small hole will be filled with four grains.
  • Players in turn, choose a hole in their field and spread the particles in turn clockwise to the next hole but skip the opponent's hole. 
  • If the last grain falls into your warehouse, you have the right to continue. 
  • If the last grain falls into an empty hole in your yard, you can "eat" all the grains in the hole opposite that hole.

Some tips to win in the classic Mancala:

  1. If you go first, start from the third hole from left to left so you can have a free ride from scratch.
  2. Pay attention and catch the holes in the middle of the board, as it can create more chances for you to "eat" your opponent's seeds.

Classic Mancala is a great exercise for the mind, training your ability to think strategically and make quick decisions. Let's play the Classic Mancala now!

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