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Classic Spider Solitaire

Classic Spider Solitaire is a classic card game, dubbed the king of all solitaire games. Your mission is to create complete stacks from K to A of the same color.

How to play Classic Spider Solitaire

You will have 10 columns of cards, each containing several high cards and some back cards. You will need to move back cards from one column to another so that they match the cards at the top of the target column. 

  • Players can only move one card at a time or a series of cards of the same color.
  • You can drag a card back into an empty column.
  • When you create a complete stack of cards, they will be removed from the playing table. When you clear all of the cards, you win.

If you don't have any water on the playing table, you can click on the reserve set in the bottom right corner to divide 10 more back cards, each in a column. You can do this multiple times, but you can only split cards when all columns contain at least one card.

You can choose the level of difficulty when playing Classic Spider Solitaire, from 1 to 4 sets of cards. The more sets of cards, the harder it is to match the same color. You can also choose a time or no time mode to add more challenge or relaxation.

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