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Cloud Uno

Cloud Uno is a card game based on the principles of the traditional Uno game, but with some peculiarities and novelty.  This is the perfect combination of strategy and luck, in which you or each player must try to be the first to finish the card. 

Controls Guide

  • The rules of the game are the same as the traditional Uno, so it won't be difficult for you!
  • Cloud Uno can integrate with virtual reality technology, bringing a lively and realistic gaming experience.
  • Special cards appear only in Cloud Uno, bringing new rules and adding appeal to the game.
  • You can customize the rules or add new elements to the game to create your own unique Cloud Uno version.
  • Cloud Uno is a combination of tradition and modernity, strategy and luck, creating an ideal family card game for all ages.

Have fun and good luck playing Cloud Uno!

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