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Crazy Eights Online

Continue to be an exciting card game for the card community called Crazy Eights! It's a classic, unique and fun card game.

Controls Guide

  • When Crazy Eights starts, you will receive a number of cards (usually 5 or 7), and a card is flipped in the middle to start the pile of cards.
  • To get a card down, you need the same number of cards or the same substance as the top of the pile of cards. If there is no matching card, you will have to withdraw one card from the set.
  • The eighth card has a very special role, it can help you choose a new substance for the next card, regardless of the substance of the eight played.
  • Crazy Eights ends when a player removes all the cards from his hand.
  • Scores are usually calculated based on the number of cards left in the hands of other players.

Play Crazy Eights now to challenge your strategic thinking and skills!

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