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Cribbage JD

Cribbage JD is a classic, challenging and exciting card game, loved by many players around the world. This is a game that requires a combination of tactical skills and a little luck, which will give you stressful but also exciting moments.

Controls Guide

Cribbage JD begins, each player receives six cards and must pick out four cards to hold while removing the remaining two cards from the "game." Your goal is to get the first 121 points to win.
You in turn put their cards on the table, announcing the total number of cards played. When the total score reaches 31 or cannot continue without exceeding this number, you will have to say "go," and the opponent will score. Then, can you continue playing the remaining cards without exceeding 31 and score more points if possible?

Tactics in Cribbage JD:

  1. You need to carefully consider which cards to hold in order to have the chance to create the highest score combination.
  2. At the same time, you need to consider which cards should be removed from the "game" to limit your opponent's chances of scoring.
  3. Tracking and predicting an opponent's path is also an important part of Cribbage JD's tactics.

Play Cribbage JD now and test your luck!

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