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Jolly Jong 2

If you are a fan of the Mahjong Solitaire genre, you will definitely not miss Jolly Jong 2! In Jolly Jong 2 you need to remove pairs of identical bricks in the fastest way to be able to win.

Jolly Jong 2 has 27 different board layouts for you to try. You can also try your game in different modes to challenge yourself!

Controls Guide

  • You need to combine two identical stones to remove them from the playing table. A stone can only be used when it is not blocked by another stone from above and at least one edge (left or right) is open.
  • The game has beautiful graphics and fun sounds, creating an exciting gaming experience.
  • You can play in a variety of ways, from classic to arcade, bringing new experiences.

Play Jolly Jong 2 right now so you can train your strategic thinking and observation skills right now!

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