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Mancala is an ancient two-player strategy game that has been upgraded to an interesting and user-friendly online version. Games are played with small stone grains, beans, or seeds and a variety of holes on the ground, table, or other playing surface. 

Controls Guide

  • Mancala is an ancient game dating back to the 3rd century that originated in ancient Egypt. It is one of the oldest games still widely played today.
  • The general goal of the game is usually to capture all or some of the opponent's particles
  • The player takes all the grains in a hole and distributes them, one grain at a time, to the next holes, including the "catch" hole at each end of the table, where the grain will be "catched" by the player who controls that hole.

Have fun with Mancala! An interesting game similar to Oware and Kalah you can try right now! 

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