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Minesweeper Online

Minesweeper Online is a classic intellectual game that has now been adapted to an online version, allowing players to play it easily anytime, anywhere!  Here, you will have to use your reasoning and speculation to open mine-free cells on the board. 

Controls Guide

The goal of the game is to unlock all the mines on the board without activating any mines.

  • The game begins with a playing table containing closed squares. Some cells contain mines and others contain numbers. The number on a cell indicates the number of mines hidden in the cells around that cell.  Your job is to use these clues to avoid opening mines.
  • Click on any cell to open it.  If you're lucky, that cell won't contain mines but will show a number or an empty space.
  • If a cell opens and shows a number, that number shows how many mines are in adjacent cells (including cross-cells).
  • Use the right mouse to flag the cells you think are mine.
  • Continue this process until you open all mine-free cells. 
  • If you click on a mine, the game ends.

Let's see if you can finish the board without activating any mines!

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