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Ocho is an improved version of the famous Uno card game. The Ocho game has rules that are very similar to the popular Uno card game, but it's more unique and interesting. The winner is the first person who has no cards left to play after each round. 


Controls Guide

  • First, seven cards for each card. Then the remaining cards will be placed in the middle of the table, called the pull Play.  The guy to the dealer's left is the first to go.
  • The rules are going to be clockwise.
  • You can play it if it has the same value or rank as the top card in the table.
  • If you don't have any cards left, you'll have to add one from the draw.
  • Breaking the cards from playing and removing the current top card replenishes Pull Play when empty.

You shouldn't skip Ocho if you're a Uno game addict!

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