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Pawnbarian is a roguelike chess-based game, combines tactics and puzzles in a mysterious world called Chesslands.

Controls Guide

  • In Pawnbarian, you use a chess kit to move your characters like a squad on a small dungeon chess table, defeating enemies with a variety of abilities.
  • Pawnbariani requires you to plan carefully for each move to overcome complex and challenging tactical situations.
  • You can use the treasure to upgrade your cards with more power.
  • Each Pawnbarian game lasts only 15 to 30 minutes, creating a sense of speed and excitement.
  • There are six characters to choose from and three dungeons to conquer, each requiring a different approach

Pawnbarian is a fantastic choice for those who love chess and want to look for a new challenge in the roguelike genre. Good luck!

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