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Peg Solitaire

Peg Solitaire is a classic two-player intellectual game that has the same way of playing as the famous Checkers game. This game will challenge your ability to plan and think rationally at an absolute level.

Controls Guide

The Peg Solitaire chess table has the shape of a mark plus 33 holes, each of which will contain a peg except for a hole in the center. Your goal in the game is to remove all the opponent's pegs and only keep your pegs on the table.nd landing on an empty cell.

  • You can just move the pegs by jumping over the other pegs and landing on an empty cell.
  • Peg after jumping over, will be removed from the board.
  • You continue jumping and removing all of your opponent's pegs until your peg has mastered the board.

Tips and Tricks:

• Starting from the angle: You should start by removing the pegs in the corners of the board, as it will create space and opportunities to move more flexibly for you later.
• Focus on the center: The most effective way to protect is to keep the center of the board with your peg as it will create more options for later moves.
• Use angles: Use the angles of the sign effectively, as it can be a safe place for you to prepare for reversal steps.

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