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Phase 10 Online

Phase 10 Online is a digitized version of the Phase 10 card game, created by game inventor Uno. This is a game that requires players to complete the goals of each stage to move forward, inspired by the rummy game. 

Controls Guide

  • You need to try to complete 10 different phases by sorting the cards into sets or numbers (runs).
  • Each player gets 10 cards and tries to complete the first stage.
  • In his turn, the player withdraws a card from the set of cards or from the drop-down stack, then puts down the completion card or puts a card into the drop-down stack.
  • When a player completes a phase, they have to put the cards from that phase in front of them.
  • The game ends when one player runs out of his hand. That player will continue to the next stage in the next game.

Good luck with Phase 10 Online!

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