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Snakes and Ladders Ultra

Snakes and Ladders Ultra is a board game that dates back to ancient times! It's a combination of both luck and your computational abilities. Snakes and Ladders Ultra is a multiplayer game, you can play with 1–4 players, making it suitable for all ages.

Controls Guide

  • To catch the game, you need to shake the basket. 
  • You will move on the chess table with the number of steps corresponding to the number on the basket.
  • With every move, you'll have to go through an unexpected journey, where each square can be a step forward or an unforeseen foot slide.
  • Snakes and Ladders Ultra not only tests your luck but also requires strategy when you decide to choose your path. 
  • With improvements in gameplay and graphics, Snakes and Ladders Ultra offers a rich and engaging gaming experience for all ages.
  • You'll feel the excitement of every rolling basket and the joy of reaching the summit, as well as the frustration of being bitten by a snake and having to start over.

Good luck with Snakes and Ladders Ultra!

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