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Spider Two Suit

Spider Two Suit is an intriguing variant of the Solitaire game, famous for its original folding difficulty. In Spider Two Suit, you will be playing with two cards instead of one, which requires players to have better skills and strategies!

Controls Guide

  • You can still arrange cards in decreasing order, but they will no longer be playable if the cards in the same stack have different substances.
  • The game uses two sets of cards and has a total of ten columns, each of which is divided between five and six cards. 
  • The first four columns are divided into six cards and the remaining six columns are each divided into five cards. And only the top card of each column is turned face up.
  • When you get a stack of cards from King to Ass, that stack is automatically transferred to the base.

Have hours of relaxation and fun with Spider Two Suit!

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