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Tongits is a Rummy 3 card game released in March 2024 and has instantly captured the hearts of players around the world. Using a standard board of 52 cards, Tongits offers a unique blend of traditional Rummy mechanisms with a change in local tastes. Tongits has turned it into an irresistible challenge for card enthusiasts.

Controls Guide

  • Note that at the start of the game, you will receive 12 cards, but while the game is going on you will have 13 cards.
  • The goal of Tongits is to empty your hands by creating sets called melting or making you have as few points as possible.
  • You collect cards from the center pile or cards that your opponent has thrown away to create a combination in the set. When all the cards in your hand form the combination sets, you will be the winner!

Now let's play with the Tongits!

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