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Uno Free Fall

Uno Free Fall is a unique card game inspired by the classic Uno version. In Uno Free Fall it is unique because the cards fall from the top of the screen and you have to drop them into one of the eight columns to make a combination. 

Like a regular Uno, cards have to be matched by color, numbers or symbols into groups of three so that they disappear and score.

Controls Guide

  • In classic mode, you'll see the cards fall down and you need to put them together to form a combination.
  • Use the Draw 2 or Wild Draw 4 tags to reveal the value of the face-to-face cards and create combos.
  • Complete the goal to level up, score more points and make time run faster.
  • After finishing the games, the one with the highest score wins! (The highest score is 500)
  • The game ends when a card reaches the top of the screen. 

Good luck with Uno Free Fall!

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