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Welcome to UNO H2O! This is a unique and exciting variation of the classic UNO card game! It's inspired and adapted from the Uno card set of the same name, made of waterproof material!

Controls Guide

  • Each player receives 7 cards from the UNO H2O set.
  • Place the rest of the card in the middle to form a stack.
  • Move the top card of the drawer to create a drop down box.
  • The person sitting on the left of the dealer will be the first to play.
  • You need a card with the same color or number as the top card of the drop down box and put it down.
  • If there is no matching card, the player must withdraw one card from the drawer.
  • When you have only one card left, you have to say "Uno!".
  • The first player to escape is the winner.

Special Card:

  • Skip: The next player loses their turn.
  • Reverse: Change the game dimension.
  • Draw Two: The next player must draw two cards and lose the turn.
  • Wild: The player who puts this card in can choose the color for the next spin.
  • Wild Draw Four: The next player must draw four cards and choose a new color.

Join your friends and family and enjoy hours of fun with UNO H2O, the perfect card game, anywhere and anytime!

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