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UNO Heroes

UNO Heroes is a unique and improved version of UNO fascinating online card game. The goal of UNO Heroes is for you to unlock and discover all the superheroes here. You can choose one of the 16 superheroes to incarnate, each of which will have a special skill that you can use in the game. Try to explore and enhance the superheroes' power to win.

Controls Guide

The way you play UNO Heroes is the same as the classic UNO, except that you can use superhero skills. 

  • To use the skills of a superhero, you must accumulate enough energy by playing cards.
  • Each card will have a different energy value, and you will see your energy bar increase as you play.
  • When the power bar is full, you can activate the superhero's skills by pressing the "SKILL" button. 

Each skill will have different effects, which can be beneficial or harmful to you compared to your opponents.

  • Spider Man is able to exchange any card in your hand for a special card.
  • Batman can skip the opponent's turn.
  • Iron Man can draw four cards without facing any consequences.
  • The Hulk is able to make the opponent withdraw four cards.

Join the UNO Heroes today and become a superhero!

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