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Uno Night Online

Uno Night Online is a version created by fans who love the online game Uno Online. The Uno Night Online version was created by @ArcanisHD, @-Rocket-, and @meurpTV and published on Scratch. The goal of the game Uno Night Online is to get rid of all your cards

Uno Night Online Game Details

  • Developer: All art by @ArcanisHD
  • Released:  March 30, 2020
  • Rating on Scratch: 1147 loves
  • Card: Card concepts by @ArcanisHD & International Games Inc. 
  • Sounds: Sounds made & sampled by @ArcanisHD & the Scratch Library

How to play Uno Night Online

Uno Night has the same rules as the game Uno Online. First, let's learn about the special cards of the game UNo Night Online:

  • Skip card: Skip the next person's turn.
  • Wild cards: Allows you to play any color you want. In wild cards, there are two types
    + A type of thread that changes color
    + One type forces the next player to draw 4 cards and skip their turn. This is the biggest difference with the UNo online game. Because Uno Online only allows drawing 2 cards


You can only play cards with the same number and color

  • In case there are no cards to play, you must draw cards from the deck, and end your turn.
  • Twister cards allow switching the current turn order from clockwise to counterclockwise and vice versa
  • When you have one card left, you must shout UNO!

Play Uno Night Online now to experience the feeling of winning for the first time.

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