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UNO with Buddies

In UNO with Buddies, you can become a superhero and use your power to help your friends or hurt your opponents. The rules and the game are basically the same as the original UNO game, but wider and newer. So it's not going to be hard for UNO fans!

Controls Guide

  • You will also start with seven cards.
  • To begin, you need a tag that matches the color or number of cards in the drawer.
  • Special cards will allow you to jump, reverse, draw two, wild, and draw four, so you can change the game's trajectory.
  • You must press the "UNO" button if you only have one card left, or you will have to draw two cards and continue.
  • Throwing down all of the cards in the first hand will determine the winner.

With UNO with Buddies, you can join the UNO fan community from all over the world and play your favorite card games for free. Click "Play" to try UNO with Buddies now!

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